Saturday, December 5, 2009


Alright, so I've been dragging ass for the past couple of years (literally). Two hip replacements in 2008, and before that, a year of doctors trying to discover what was wrong with me...thanks, assholes! Needless to say, I've been out of the loop for quite awhile, but I'm trying to claw my way back-as well as play some rock'n'roll. Here are a few updates:

Members of Plate Six (Darryl Jacks), Gainer (Jason Barker) & Cearo (Patrick Sizemore) are getting songs together under the name Collider. We haven't officially settled on a name. Other contenders are Throbbing Darkness, ZZBottom and Hungrierfield. We hope to demo a few songs with Matt Whitson when he gets back from tour, but this will likely never happen. If it does, it will probably be released here.

The Broken Letters (David Hickox & Brad Davis of Plate Six) are on tour right now for their newly released EP. You can go here to get it FOR FREE:

Model Citizen beat your face in with a couple of shows this year. We can only hope they play some more.

The Two Tears and Dan Sartain have both released some material on Big Legal Mess recently and Dan has a new record coming out called, Dan Sartain Lives on One Little Indian.

Although, it's never been verbally confirmed, Plate Six and Gainer are pretty much dead unless you offer us a huge sum of cold hard cash that we can roll around naked in.

The Payoff died last year, but Jeff now plays bass in Skeptic? and Tim Frazier has been playing with a few bands. Of course, Blue Eyed Boy Mister Death was pronounced dead on arrival years ago. We had fun using the leftover CDs for BB gun target practice on Matt Whitson's birthday.

New local bands you should check out: Necronomikids, Den of Lions, and probably a bunch of others I haven't seen myself.

New venues: Magic City Wholesale & The Firehouse

That's it.



HappyDad said...

I received the Dan Sartain 7" today. Looks and sounds awesome !

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

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